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Animal-led Wellness Programs

Healing Through Meaningful Connections

Mindfulness With Horses

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Let the horses teach you the importance of being present and in the moment. Let go of your stress.

Challenge Your Fears

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This is a one day program that helps the horses face their fears [and yours].

Rehabilitation Connection

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Help the horses or dogs learn to trust human interactions again. Help them recover from abuse and neglect.

My story… While deployed to Pakistan, I was tasked to aid in an explosion that occurred at a school. When I arrived, there were children strewn everywhere, to this day I can still see the blood and hear the screaming children. While deployed to another location, I was taken advantage of and raped by a fellow service member. I have spent many years trying to suppress these memories and bury them, but after many years it caught up with me.

Once it finally caught up with me, I found myself in a very dark place. It was to the point where I had a short fuse and would snap at my family. I had exhausted all patience my spouse had, she pushed me to reach out for help.


After reaching out, I was assigned to a therapist, who I then lost confidence in after a short period of time. Doctors also prescribed medication to help, which it did a little. After a couple months, I found myself falling into a dark place again. Determined to better myself for my family, I found Patriot Pups & Ponies on the internet. The therapy I have received from the horses and dogs has allowed me to start on the journey to coping with the past.

KP, Air Force Veteran

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